Visa services

After your acceptance for job in UAE, the main step now is how to get employment Visa and fly off to UAE. All non-UAE citizens who plan to work in UAE require a residency visa, which allows them to obtain a work permit/labor card issued by the Ministry of Labor. There are simple steps and simple procedure which will help in carrying out this process smoothly.

Types of Work Permits of Dubai (UAE)

  1. One for private sector role which is of 2-3 years and there is a range of documentation required to support their application.
  2. Second is the public sector permit, it also lasts a maximum of three years. However, the supporting documents that are required for this application differ greatly. Generally, this category of Dubai (UAE) work visa is easier to obtain.
  3. The third one is Short-term Dubai (UAE) work visa which also allow you to work in UAE. This varies in duration, however it still grants the same rights to live and work in Dubai (UAE). This may be the best option if the employee is on a short-term contract/ project.

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