Bank account opening assistance

In comparison with other countries, the banks in Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE favorably distinguish themselves in low tariffs on banking services, easy reporting system, high quality of services with very competitive charges and loyalty to clients. Practically, all banks in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE have effective level of service with a possibility of distant access through internet and telephone banking systems, which makes Dubai bank account opening a very prominent and cost-efficient option.
Dubai bank account opening for UAE company

The procedure is straightforward provided that the company shareholder / shareholders have submitted all the required documents on the company as well as their personal documents. If you do not have the company in United Arab Emirates but need to set up the company and account in Dubai the most cost-efficient solution is to register the UAE offshore company and open account for such company. Opening bank account in Dubai for the corporate entities registered in the United Arab Emirates is carried out promptly and flawlessly.

Bank account opening in Dubai for non – UAE company

This is possible under the condition of the appropriate certification of the corporate documentation in the UAE Consulate in the country of the company incorporation (if such one is not available in the country of company incorporation – the UAE consulate in the nearest country) in the and by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the UAE. If necessary we provide all the documents certification services.

Open Dubai bank account, personal for UAE residents

This can be done practically in any of the UAE banks without any special restrictions. Time for bank account opening in Dubai depends on the bank policies and procedures and takes from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the bank.

Open Dubai bank account, personal for UAE non-residents

This is possible, whereby there would be some restrictions on such account means such account would be the Dubai savings bank account only i.e. the check book will not be issued as well as taking the loan would not be possible. The rest of the features would be fully available. Please note that not all UAE banks open accounts for non-UAE residents.

Our services within account opening

N R Doshi And Partners will help you to open all types of bank accounts in UAE taking into consideration your requirements regarding the available banking services, its type, tariffs and required minimal deposit amount. We have built long-term relationships with banks in Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE that enables us to choose the most suitable bank for every client’s wish in terms of bank account opening in Dubai.

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