To establish an offshore company and/or relocate your corporate structure to an overseas jurisdiction can be an essential step in protecting your assets from lawsuits, taking advantage of international tax breaks and growing your business overseas. You will find a dozens of advantages to setting up an international organization and running your business using an offshore bank account instead of, or in association with a local account. JAFZA offshore, RAK- ICC, Ajman offshore and BVI are all very popular jurisdictions to incorporate your company.

Doing business offshore is not about escaping from taxes or keeping money from the government. It is about organizing your affairs in such a way as to take advantage of international laws that are offered to anyone who cares to use them to their benefit.

We can show you perfectly legal and legitimate ways to set up your business internationally so that you understand the far-reaching benefits from asset protection to cost-savings. For instance, Apple, Google and a barrage of other organization have reduced their tax bills using completely legal techniques through the use of overseas structures. There are ways that you may be able to do this too, with our help plus the guidance of the proper licensed professionals.

Benefits of UAE offshore company

  1. Allowed 100% foreign ownership
  2. No local sponsor required
  3. No public register of company shareholders or offices
  4. Complete confidentiality and privacy
  5. Company can own real estate properties on approved areas by the Authority
  6. Hold multi-currency bank accounts
  7. Exemption from all corporate and income taxes
  8. No foreign currency restrictions
  9. Full repatriation of the profits and capital allowed
  10. Set-up costs are comparatively less
  11. No onshore office and accordingly, No employees and related costs
  12. Minimum of 1 Director / Shareholder.

Registered agents

As you might be aware you need a registered agent to incorporate an offshore company. We are the best and most reliable offshore business setup service provided and are registered with most of the jurisdictions. Our services will save your time, money and efforts. With our help you can setup and offshore company sitting anywhere in the world. You will no longer worry about your company’s annual maintenance, filling the necessary documents, having a registered office, opening a multi- currency bank account and all other services required to operate an offshore company.

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