Nominee Services

We provide a full range of nominee services including; nominee director, nominee secretary, nominee shareholder and nominee manager. All our Nominees are UAE Residents. We provide nominee services for both UAE and International Companies.

Nominee service is an intermediary ownership and management tool, meaning the appointment to official positions in the company (director, shareholder, manager or secretary). Nominee persons, both physical and legal.  where a person is appointed as manager, director or shareholder having no discretion over their actions; they can only act in accordance with instructions from the beneficial owner. N. R. Doshi and Partners has the expertise and resources to handle it in the most professional manner. Provision of the

nominee service is beneficial in UAE as well as international clients for a number of reasons, including that you do not need to be in the United Arab Emirates or even a citizen of the country to register a private company with the UAE based nominee person/ company. Another benefit of a company formation with a nominee is that the real owner can protect their anonymity, as they will not be listed on the official records.This provides a level of personal security or protection for the individual interests conc

What you need to know about nominee services?

Now, as you have acquired the basics of nominee services, you need to know what you can or can’t do with your nominees. To get started, here are three things that you need to know about nominee services:

Nominees can protect your identity to non-governmental entities – not the governmental ones.

You can use nominee services to protect your investment strategy and details on your asset allocations – not disclosing your assets to any of the authorities. Tax evasion and money laundering laws require cautious consideration when using nominee services. As mentioned above, nominees offer some layers of protection against non-governmental entities – such as your competitors, relatives, creditors or even private investigators – but not against governmental authorities.

You can choose to reveal your identity publicly.

A nominee service protects clients during public inquiry and from “bad” people, such as nosy people and the preying eyes of competitors. However, upon request, you may reveal your real identity. This may be the case when you are, for some reasons, under investigation for questionable business practices, and would like to defend yourself by revealing your identity publicly.

Nominees are not involved in the day-to-day business activities

Nominees are your company’s directors and shareholders – on paper. You, the real owner, are still the one who is responsible for day-to-day business activities – and enjoy all the benefits from the activities. If you want to, you could refuse to reveal your identity to the authorities, but doing so is illegal – continue at your own risk. day business activities – and enjoy all the benefits from the activities.

Responsibilities & Liabilities of Nominee:

  •  First of all, nominees are just a name only; they have no responsibilities as well as they have no powers.
  • Nominee shareholder is responsible only to protect the beneficial owners.
  • Nominee(s) are not responsible for and will not make any decisions whatsoever in connection with the management of an entity.
  • Nominee person will not be identified and or sign any documents and or returns on behalf of the entity.
  • The beneficial owner is fully responsible, financial, legally and in all other respects for the operation of the entity.
  • The nominee will not have any liabilities as such as he will neither be signing any contract on behalf of the company nor signing up for obtaining a Bank Account.
  • Once the Nominee resigns, the owner of the company can take complete charge of the company.

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