Now be your own boss by availing the freelance permit

01 August, 2018 By Anisha Shah

With the recent development and explosion of online marketplace, a large part of workforce considers freelance permit as an option to start a business. For some, it may be to research UAE market and for others a fresh startup achievement for their new business experiments with less investment and restrictions.

Obtaining a freelance permit means working for yourself, as an independent contractor. This leads to establishing a one-person freelance license, working as a discrete person on its own name, which is somewhat different from establishing a startup company.

It goes without saying that you, being the permit holder, need the right skills, passion and business savvy to make its own plan of success because the holder is liable for its actions. Thus, if you are well prepared, UAE is a great choice.

A question may arise: Is freelancing allowed in UAE? The answer is: Yes, freelancing is legally allowed in UAE. However, this is totally different from part-time work. Freelancing means an activity commenced chiefly resulting to your knowledge, skills or expertise in a particular filed as long as the individual is licensed for the same expertise by the authority.

There are various authorities in UAE like Department of Economic Development, TwoFour 54, Creative City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Design District, Dubai International Academic City, Umm Al Quwain FTZ and many more which provides a bright option by providing freelance license. However, the type of activity, fees and modalities differ. Many of the free zones also provide installments option.

So, here are certain advantages which you need to know.

  • Quick and easy Setup

There are two ways to obtain the permit i.e. either through Department of Economic Development or through free zones. Neither route is especially difficult. However, free zone establishment brings benefits like 0% corporate and personal tax and 100% repatriation of profits. The due diligence requirement and the application process is easy, and the license can be issued in one week or ten days.

  • No requirement of office space

Freelances have full freedom. Not only you will be your own boss but will have the liberty to select when to work, for whom to work and doesn’t need to be tied up with office.

  • Eligible to sponsor dependents

Once you have secured your visa, provided meeting the income requirement, you are eligible to sponsor your dependents.

  • No auditing or book-keeping

Freelancers in UAE are not always required to submit official accounts or audited financials. Hence, this becomes an ideal setup for busy entrepreneurs.

  • Corporate bank account

It’s not just the license and visa that is obtained easily but also the corporate bank account because UAE readily welcomes freelancers. Plus, banking services providers provide bright options for upcoming entrepreneurs.

  • Upgrading to full company setup

As many of the freelancers utilize the freelance permit as their first step on ladder to expand their business. Here’s the good news – you will have an option to upgrade your freelance business license to company business license and the company establishment brings more benefits. If you think this sounds like you, do not wait. Discover the joy and freedom of freelancing by contacting us on and live your dreams of being your own boss.

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