Looking for Tech Startup in UAE? Here are some of the best examples

01 August, 2018 By Anisha Shah

Think about business in UAE. Decades ago, there was only oil, gas and no scope for any other type of business activities. Then, due to changes in investment and tax policies, an increasing number of investors established their companies and gradually, the country got converted as an international trade destination. Recognising the need for new startup ideas, the country designed a variety of startup permits.

According to the survey of, there are almost 300,000 startup enterprises in UAE due to the facilities provided like sharing desks, accelerators and incubators etc. These companies end up contributing over 60 per cent of the region’s GDP. Moreover, SME represent over 95 per cent of the establishments in Dubai.

As a leading startup hub, UAE is attracting tech entrepreneurs who are eager to invest in their world class infrastructure and support system. As technology development has become easily accessible, more innovative and creative, it is no longer a surprise that the UAE government anchorages in digital technology development. This results in the emergence of some prominent sectors including: artificial intelligence, e- commerce, fintech, virtual reality, digital nomadism and many more.

UAE provides a friendly and attractive regulatory, financial and tax environment by establishing free zones like Dubai Silicon Oasis, TwoFour 54, Dubai Internet City, Creative City Free Zone and many more. These free zones provide excellent facilities, strategic business location and a huge range of business activities on offer which are likely to be useful for any upcoming startup.

Many of such unknown startups have built a renowned place by establishing in UAE, here are few examples:

  1. Web Masters

Web Masters is an IT Service provider established in UAE, 1989, and currently, it stands as the leading jewellery IT solutions provider.

  1. Unnuhog

Unnuhog is an Abu Dhabi based startup which develops amazing Massively Multiplayer Online games. The founders of this company have contributed best parts of League of Legends and Clash of Clans which resulted in having millions of players.

  1. Shortpoint

ShortPoint is one of the innovative startups in Dubai incorporated in 2016-2017 and raised a huge amount of money for its concept of Web Design Platform with SaaS Support.

  1. Warppup

Warppup was able to raise around $800,000 from its investors and was established in 2016. Currently, this is a one of the top intelligent meeting recording app.

  1. Nabbesh

Nabbesh, founded in 2012, connects freelancers with the companies who need their services. The registered users of this company have worked with top clients like IBM, Infamous Studios, General Electric and many more.

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