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05 September, 2018 By Anisha Shah

Decades ago, people from all around the globe entered UAE to make their dreams come true as UAE is the land of opportunities and accepts people with the open arms. From a diverse population to friendly culture, from relax business environment to thriving economy – the nation has something for everyone. UAE has always been a favorable destination for business due to its strategic location, legal system, world class infrastructure, suitable political and social climate, tax regime, government support, investment atmosphere and many more. All these factors have made UAE heaven for young entrepreneurs. Gone are the days, when UAE was only known for petrochemical industry. Today, it has world class investment opportunities.   Here are the best business development areas you can invest your time and money and shine your future.

  1. Travel and tourism

Due to many event organization like shopping festival, gulf food fest and infrastructure development, a huge number of travelers are attracted.  Tourists are in love with the beaches and dazzling nightlife. Hence, you can look into setting up a travel agency to assist travelers with visa, hotels and other hospitalities.

  1. Food business F & B industry

The place which contains all diverse cultures and world-class cuisines. From eating street food to having roof top dinner, people love every bit of it. Thus, it is always a good idea to run a restaurant in UAE.

  1. Retail industry

Whether it is a small pop-up shop or a franchise with fast-moving crowd, retail business can be a lucrative choice.

  1. Marketing

Many newly established business and businesses who earned good profitability look for marketing and advertising services. So, establishing a marketing agency is a workable option for creative minded people. Digital marketing, marketing agency, advertising agency, distribution of advertising materials & samples, promotional gifts preparing, advertising sign boards installation and many more, are the activities you can look into for this business idea.

  1. Events management

UAE being a strong economic hub has a lot of business exhibitions, conferences, workshops happening all the time. Many other kinds of events like success parties, birthdays, weddings etc. can also be workable under the scope of event management.

  1. Jewelry business

UAE recognized as world gold destination. There are many opportunities for investing in the jewelry business. Dubai has a special free zone named Dubai Gold and Diamonds Park designed especially for business activities of jewelry trading and designing. Starting up a business with raw material trading like gold, diamonds or others or building up for own jewelry designing brand can be a good option.

  1. Recruitment agency

Inflow of foreign workers in UAE is huge. People are seeking for options to move into UAE and start working in a number of industries like real estate, trading, oil, tourism and many more. Therefore, it would be a great option to start a business of recruitment agency and handle manpower for businesses in UAE.

  1. Auditing firm

Due to a huge inflow of established companies. Each business is going to require its books of accounts audited for their records or for submission to government. Hence, if you are an auditor and looking to building up your own name and auditing several firms at a time, here’s the right opportunity. Similar situation applies for the tax advisors.

  1. Education

Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City are world’s largest free zone dedicated for higher education. Also, there are several restrictions for an adult to stay in UAE unless he/she has a job or university sponsorship. You can take an advantage of this market and invest into career education and training industry.

  1. Insurance broking

Are you aware that health and car insurance are mandatory in Dubai? Moreover, there are certain jurisdictions like TECOM, JAFZA, DAFZA and others which require office, fire and safety insurance for renewal of license. This regulation has opened space for insurance widely. A number of insurance companies have established their branches in UAE. Registering yourself as a broker or starting your own broking agency can be a profitable investment.

  1. Bookkeeping

Every company small or big needs to maintain its books of accounts. For successful business operations, proper accounting is a must. Thus, you must consider this profession as a good startup and setup your company with the book keeping activity. Through the company, you can work on various contracts and assignments.

  1. E-commerce

Online buying tendency of the current generation is tremendously increasing, which makes e-commerce as a most trending sector for investment.

  1. Beauty and health care

If you are having several specific skills or experience in the health care and beauty field, you can start your own business in UAE. Globally, the beauty industry has reached $265 billion in 2017. Hence, this can always be a profitable investment. The activities you can select are Cosmetics Store, Tattoo Parlor, Anti-Aging Clinic, Aroma Therapy, Beauty Salon, Beauty Spa, Body Piercing, Fragrance, Hair Removal Service, Hair Salon and many more according to your specialty.

The list of unique business ideas has no limit. Even a cab service provider can end up starting a business like Uber. The important thing is to realize where your interest lies. We at N. R. Doshi and Partners can help set base in UAE in a cost effective manner. We will take care of all the requirements and help you set up a profitable venture.

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