General Trading license in UAE

06 November, 2018 By Anisha Shah

UAE is the most popular destination for business set up in the Middle East due to its immense growth in different industries over the last 2 decades. Its favorable business environment, easy regulations and backing from government attracts many investors who are looking forward to trade in different products. Those investors who want to conduct trading of products from different categories under the same license must opt for the general trading license.

General Trading license

An investor who is planning to export or import any goods or products such as clothes, fashion accessories, electronics etc, shall apply for a general trading license because opting such license allows dealing in different types of activities from different groups. Companies who want to do wholesale business should also opt for general trading activity. However, products like chemicals, pharma products, guns, cars and alcohol require a special approval and are not permitted for trading under general trading license.

Advantages of applying for General Trading license

If general trading license sounds like meeting your requirements, here are certain things which you would like to know:

  • Set up anywhere
      A general trading license holder can set up a company in any Free Zone which permits trading activity or in Mainland. Whether the investor requires an office or a warehouse, any type of propriety can be leased under such license.
  • Quick and easy business setup
      Whether it is Free Zone or Mainland, the process of setting up a company with an activity of general trading is hassle free.
  • Affordable initial investment
      Some people think setting up a business with such license will be extremely costly. In reality, the business registration cost starts with AED 17,000 and if the investor has specific requirements, the cost will be higher but will not exceed AED 100,000 including office rental expense.
  • Trade locally and internationally
      After acquiring the general trading license, one has no boundaries. A trader can explore all possible ways of doing business internationally and locally for earning profit.
  • Office requirement
      A general trading license is assumed to be a business with huge fund flow and large workforce. Considering the same, certain Free Zones and Mainland have decided a minimum criterion on the size of an office, like JAFZA has a restriction of having an office size of at least 35 or 40 sq. m. But on the other side, there are some upcoming Free Zones like SAIF Zone and UAQ which has no minimum office size requirement.
  • Multiple visa allowance
      After obtaining a general trading license, the company can sponsor multiple number of employees considering the quota. Quota is provided based on the office size, so the bigger the office, the more number of visas they can avail. Additionally, every employee who meets the salary threshold can apply for dependents visas.

Apart from the above, there are many types of customized banking facility available for corporate and salary account. A company set up in UAE is allowed to have 100% repatriation on capital and profit. Many of the Free Zones and Mainland doesn’t require the share capital deposited in the bank. Due to which traders are getting a wonderful opportunity.

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