Dubai can be your first choice for healthcare business setup

05 September, 2018 By Anisha Shah

A good health is a common concern for individuals and families all around the globe. Its importance has remarkably diversified the healthcare industry. Indeed, such concerns for health made healthcare a booming industry. In today’s era, health care is no longer known for medical treatments; it has spread into different streams like wellness, plastic surgeries for better physical appearance and a lot more.

Dubai has classic healthcare services both in public as well as private. Moreover, it has developed specialized free zones like Dubai Health Care City (DHCC) and Dubai Science Park (DSP) with world-class infrastructure facilities.  So, setting up a business in Dubai for rendering healthcare services makes absolute sense.   DHCC was established in 2002 designed for health and wellness activities. Investment in DHCC is divided into two communities:


– it is spread over 4.1 million sq. ft and provides facilities like hospitals, outpatient clinics, commercial offices and other rental space.


– It is spread over 19 million sq. ft.

There are many areas that you need to consider before investing in facilities. We have listed down a comprehensive list of DHCC for your easy selection:

  • Clinical outpatient

This facility includes setting up outpatient facility in multi-specialized hospital, surgical clinic, clinic for single specialty, clinical laboratory, clinical research center, radio diagnostics, stem cell therapy, pharmacy and others.

  • Clinical inpatient

This includes specialty and general hospital, nursing home, long term care, palliative care, geriatric care and teaching positions.

  • Healthcare consultancy

This includes clinical research organization, IT management and system integration, medico legal consultancy, architectural and engineering consultancy and strategy and planning consultancy.

  • Professional and management development training

This includes social and behavioral training, development and management training, educator’s professional development and human resources training.

  • Educational service provider

This includes medical universities, Branch University, technical education provider, student support and academic support services.

  • Academic service provider

This includes university representative office and academic liaison office.

  • Non-academic service provider

This includes infrastructure service provider.

  • Child skills development training

This includes solely child skills development center.

  • Technical and occupational skills

This includes hospitality and tourism training, tourism training and healthcare awareness training.

  • Healthcare management

This can also be healthcare investment management.

  • Health care support

This includes medical coding, medical billing services, medical transcription, patient education service and third-party administration.

  • Association (non-profit)

This includes non-profitable professional association.

  • Event management

This includes organizing business events, festivals and exhibitions

  • Regional headquarters

This includes facilities for the activities like marketing office, call center office, back office and admin office

  • Outsource

This includes outsourcing of professional support.

  • Research and development

This includes activity of research and development.

If you are selecting branch legal structure instead of free zone, you get additional categories like hotel and leisure service which includes, hotel accommodation, hotel administration office and guest houses.

Along with the facility selection, it is also important to look at the legal type and ownership pattern.

  • Type of business can either be FZ LLC or a branch company
  • And ownership pattern can be of 3 types:
    • Ownership by corporate only
    • Ownership by individual only
    • Ownership by individual & corporate

The minimum capital requirement of free zone company is AED 300,000 for clinical and AED 50,000 for commercial. Branch business does not have capital requirement.

Once the facility, type of business and ownership pattern are finalized, you can contact N. R. Doshi and Partners for a consultation to understand the list of documents.

Company formation in DHCC has advantages galore. In case if you are planning to incorporate a free zone company, you can avail advantages like no income tax, no corporate tax and 100% ownership. Moreover, in DHCC, there is no bureaucracy and provides excellent business support services.

We at N. R. Doshi and Partners are very fully versed with not just licensing and registration procedures but also aware about specific field business needs. So, if you are seeking to materialize your idea into successful business venture, get in touch with us at .

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