6 Reasons to Buy Properties in Dubai under JAFZA Offshore

04 June, 2019 By Anisha Shah

Real estate market in Dubai has always been under the limelight. Dubai – a developing nation, upgrading its infrastructure and technology becomes a great choice for new investors to setup their business. In the year 2018, the country has attracted a total investment of 285 Billion (Source: Khaleej Times, Jan 9, 2018). With the upcoming events and new projects in line, Dubai holds its position as being the hub for real estate investment.

The first question that investors may ask is: ‘How to invest in Dubai property market?’ Here is your answer: properties in Dubai can be bought in 2 ways, either can be bought  under personal name or under the name of special purpose vehicles (Like JAFZA offshore or any other license). Below are the 6 reasons to buy freehold property in Dubai under a special purpose vehicle.

6 Reasons to Buy Properties in Dubai under JAFZA Offshore
  1. JAFZA offshore is the only offshore jurisdiction in Dubai which is authorised to hold properties as it has a MOU with Dubai land department.
  2. If there is a property purchase with the help of JAFZA offshore, the company’s name is reflected on the title deed. This provides an advantage as the personal name of the individual is not disclosed.
  3. JAFZA offshore has a requirement of minimum 2 directors. This is because, if there is a death of the shareholder or one of the directors, the rent of the properties and other administration will not be affected until the court orders transfer of shares. On the other side, if the properties are under  an individual’s name, then all the property transactions will stop till there is a court hearing.   
  4. If the JAFZA offshore registers its will in DIFC as a property buyer, in case of death of any shareholder, the properties will be easily transferred to its legal heirs. (This shall be applicable for non – Muslims only)  
  5. As the JAFZA offshore company is limited by liability, any off-plan property purchase gives protection to the buyer against any future liabilities.   
  6. For any project development, it is advisable to own the land in the name of JAFZA offshore company as it provides protection to individual shareholders at the time of financial crisis. 
Here are the easy steps to register your company

Documents required for this permit are:

  1. Contact a reliable registered agent who is either authorized by JAFZA or has access to such agents. 
  2. Ask agent for the service quote. For the services listed below: 
  3. Company Registration 
  4. Bank account opening 
  5. Any special attestations needed 
  6. Provide 3 names suggestion to registered agent for the proposed company out of which they will advise the name availability. 
  7. Finalize the activity of the offshore company. 
  8. Decide the share capital. (We usually recommend AED 10,000/-) 
  9. Decide the appointed Shareholder, Director and Manager. (Minimum 2 directors required.) 
  10. Fulfill the document requirements 

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